LED Indirect Linear Fixture

The LED Indirect Linear Fixture offers quick installation, a screwless end cap with a 0-10V dimmable option and an aluminum body with a PC cover. The LED Indirect Linear Fixture has multiple mounting options: suspended or wall mounted, and finish colors available are: white, black, or grey.  This product comes with a 7 Year Warranty.

SL LED Linear Light

The SL Linear Light is a stand alone fixture that can be easily connected to create a unique piece. This dimmable fixture has a high lumen output and an even lightspread. This fixture is perfect for offices, retail spaces, conference rooms and many more applications.

Linear Light Pendant PR1

Where there’s a need for overhead lighting, our PR1 Linear Light fixture delivers. These pendant fixtures are bright and efficient, and can mount to drop ceilings, concrete or drywall/ gypsum. Available in multiple styles and lengths, our PR1 Light Fixtures can be powder coated to match any color in your design. This product is available in a variety of sizes,

LED Linear High Bay

The LED Linear High Bay is an innovative product perfect for industrial projects, warehouses, gyms, swimming pools, workshops, distributor centers, and retail applications.Wide application uses with 6 types of lens available: 30°/60°/90°/120°/double asymmetric  20°/single  asymmetric 20°.

LED Linear Light with Cover

The LED Strip Light with Cover is both esthetically pleasing and functional. These fixtures will enhance any space and can be used in workshops, offices, factories, showcases or utility areas.

LED Wall Light

Our LED Wall Light ensures an even illumination across any surface. With an IP rating of IP44 and multiple mounting options, this fixture is perfect for any bathroom setting, undercabinet, or mirror light.

Customizable Linear Light

Where there’s a need for overhead lighting, our Linear Light fixtures deliver. These pendant fixtures are light and efficient, and can mount to drop ceilings, concrete or drywall/gypsum. Available in multiple styles and lengths our Linear Light Fixtures can be powder coated to match any color in your design.

Synthesis LED Linear Light

Synthesis Linear Light is a sleek suspended fixture with both direct and indirect capability. Use it for direct/indirect lighting, or just direct lighting The minimal design packs countless output configurations, 10 beam angle options and a selection of elegant finishes to complement any space. Up to 90” (2.3m) in length and connectable to make longer runs.

LED Strip & Aluminum Housing

RGBW and RGBA LED Strip & Aluminum Housing's are DMX controlled using either 4-in-1 LEDs for excellent color mixing or 3-in-1 RGB LEDs plus white or amber for a brighter or more pastel color. Use with Solarelectricway channel profiles AS6, AT4 or AT5 to create an excellent fixture with no color refraction.


Our Simply Clean series of recessed fixtures are designed to be harmonious with the physical space of a room. These extrusions can be installed into any size new or existing drywall/gypsum walls and ceilings. Wattages range from 3 W/ft to 12 W/ft (9.8 W/m to 39.4 W/m) and is available in white, static colors, Variable White, RGB, RGBW, RGBA, and

Optical Design Linear Light

Optical Design Linear Light is the latest, new led trunking linear system. It is divided into 2 parts and easy to install and maintain. It is pre-mounted with 5 wires, with 0-10V dimming system and it can work at the continuous run 3600W at 277VAC. It is widely used for supermarkets, warehouses, workshops, fairs and so on.

Slim Linear LED Fixture

i-Luminosity's Slim Linear LED fixture is made of extrusion aluminum-6063, with a frosted diffuser. Easy installation whether surface mounted or suspended. Dimmable and non-dimmable options available. Ideal for offices, conference rooms, retail spaces, showrooms, reception areas, and cabinets.

Flow Linear LED Light

Modern design and elegant surface finish. Convenient installation and labor-saving. Appearance: Flowing curvy line presents nature beauty. Highly modular,without an screw on surface. Aluminum: Pure aluminum good heat dissipation. ETL certified.

Multi-Purpose LED Linear Fixture

LED Linear Fixture designed for outdoor as well as indoor installations and is ideally suited for applications where wide-angle illumination is desired.These fixtures are IP66 rated and are an ideal solution for both wet and dry locations such as parking garages and exterior hallways as well as factory production areas,basements and storage areas.

Custom Linear Light

Our Custom Linear Light can be constructed into various shapes and designs with easy-to-install connectors. These linear lights come in a variety of lengths and brightnesses to illuminate any space with fashion and ease.

Seagull Light

Indoor use perfect for counter, residential, or commercial. Color 2800- 6500K Available. 7 Year Warranty

LED Sleek Linear Fixture

Our LED Sleek Linear Fixture is bright and efficient. This fixture can be suspended or it can be wall/surface mounted. Through the streamline design of the structure and the flexible assembly methods, this product can easily build up a unique and fascinating space. This product is perfect for office spaces, retail spaces, showrooms, commercial spaces and many other applications.

LED Thin Linear Fixture

These thin linear fixtures allow you to create a connectable, professional, sophisticated, and elegant design with the combination of these segments.  This fixture has reliable quality, quick installation, minimal maintenance and a simple structure. It's an ideal product for any space.  

LED Tri-Proof Light

Multi-functioning fixture with emergency and dimming available. These tri proof lights are waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosive. This sleek design comes in white, black, gold, and silver finishing.

LED Wrap Fixture

The traditional wrap fixtures are ideal for surface mounting. With a low profile design providing energy efficient lighting ideal for offices, conference rooms, and other commercial applications. Emergency Back-up Available.