“Repairing refrigeration lighting repairs can be performed quickly and profitably using the I-Luminosity Kensington Refrigeration LED.

Kensington was developed by the supermarket refrigeration community to be a near universal solution for refrigeration lighting repairs.

At I-Luminosity, we saw the frustration of technicians making multiple trips to the store site to determine the correct parts, Labor piles up, dispatches remain open for months, high prices from replacement parts by the OEM and customers refusing to pay for all this effort, leading to unbillable, or end of life invoices.

Our goal was to develop a “Swiss army knife” LED that technicians can carry on their trucks or in their shops to provide one and done lighting repairs at a profit. Once your customers experience the clean, bright Kensington LED, they will be asking for more and making you more profits.

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In 2010, most people didn’t know what LED lighting was, or if they thought they had an idea, it was far from reality. Murray Sarway, CEO of i-Luminosity, saw the endless opportunities in the LED lighting industry, and decided he needed to give entering the commercial lighting industry a shot. He went knocking door to door through New York City with what he knew was a long term solution for energy savings and maintenance savings. One of the first places Sarway stopped by was the popular NYC supermarket chain: Morton Williams.

At the first store he visited, Sarway was politely asked to leave, and his journey continued. After this first rejection, Murray made it his goal to one day sell Morton Williams a fully integrated lighting package that would scale from that one store to all of their locations. Little did he know, this opportunity would come to fruition sooner than he thought.

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i-Luminosity has been a tastemaker in the LED Lighting industry for the past 10 years. In 2007, Murray Sarway (President & CEO) had a vision of bringing energy savings to commercial buildings. He began looking into the solar panel industry where he supplied and installed solar panels upon 2 buildings in Brooklyn, each with 85 -100 units per building.

As he began working on his third building, the family patriarch of the real estate firm asked “What else can you do to save me energy costs for my buildings?”

In 2010, LED (Light Emitting Diodes) were just entering the US market. Who knew the benefits and standards LED’s would bring into our industry. Murray requested samples from China where he began exploring the layers of cost benefits he could offer his clients. He installed his first samples in a parking garage of a building in Brooklyn…

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