Angel Wing LED Pendant

Having an elegant design, our Angel Wing Pendant allows for a nearly transparent luminaire when turned off and excellent uniformity and efficiency when turned on. With high lumens output of 100 Lm/W, a high CRI >90 and a variety of CCT options, this fixture is perfect for any commercial application.

Waterclear LED Pendant Fixture

Our Waterclear LED Pendant have a unique and modern design that enhances the look of any room. This indirect panel has a direct light distribution of 40%/60% or 35%/65%, as it produces a comfortable lighting environment. With a high lumens output of approximately 120 Lm/W and a CRI >90, this panel will brighten up any space.


Our High Line Linear can be constructed into various shapes and designs with easy-to-install connectors. These linear lights come in a variety of lengths and brightnesses to illuminate any space with fashion and ease.

LED Sleek Linear Fixture

Our LED Sleek Linear Fixture is bright and efficient. This fixture can be suspended or it can be wall/surface mounted. Through the streamline design of the structure and the flexible assembly methods, this product can easily build up a unique and fascinating space. This product is perfect for office spaces, retail spaces, showrooms, commercial spaces and many other applications.

LED Thin Linear Fixture

These thin linear fixtures allow you to create a connectable, professional, sophisticated, and elegant design with the combination of these segments.  This fixture has reliable quality, quick installation, minimal maintenance and a simple structure. It's an ideal product for any space.  

LED Wrap Fixture

The traditional wrap fixtures are ideal for surface mounting. With a low profile design providing energy efficient lighting ideal for offices, conference rooms, and other commercial applications. Emergency Back-up Available.