Trigger LED Mini Wall Pack

Series NumberILWPTGMO
LED Watt15W-20W-25W Selectable
Lumen Output1800-2400-3000Lm
Dimming0-10V Dimmable
ColorDark Bronze

. The Lampcover is injection-molded, one-piece, UV-stabilized PC and IP66 waterproof.
. The function switches are on the side part of product, with a waterproof clear cover which can be screwed off easily.
. Adjustable wattage 5W-20W-25W and Color temperature 3000K-4000K-5000K
. Turning on or off photocell sensor, protected under the same clear cover
. Default photocell, can be switched on or off.
. The built-in power supply has a reserved port for 0-10V dimming function.