Nolita UV-GC Linear Fixture

Series NumberILUVNUBV
Size4FT or 8FT
LED WattUp UV : 40W(10W/ft) Down White light : 34W ( 8.5W/ft ) or Up UV : 78W(10W/ft) Down White light : 68W ( 8.5W/ft )
Lumen Output4FT: Up UV: 300mw down White light: 3345-3465Im(836-866Im/ft) 8FT: Up UV: 600mw down White light: 6700-71051m(836-8661m/ft)
Dimming0-10V Dimming
Color3000K, 4000K, or 6000K

Our Nolita UV-GC Linear Fixture is a germicidal UVC up & LED Down light. Ideal for use in all settings where bacteria, virus, or mold can be exposed. Built in sensor for UV up illumination to turn off when it senses motion in the room nearby or for maintenance. Ideal for offices, supermarkets, and retail locations.