LED Smart Wrap

Our Smart Wrap is finish with high reflectance baked white enamel. it can work with the option of adding an occupancy sensor, EM backup, and daylight harvesting. Ideal applications range from warehouses, storage facilities, back of house, or any application with high ceilings in need of a high lumen output.

Astoria LED Low Bay

Our Astoria LowBay light series is an ideal multi-purpose, high- efficient waterproof light. It can replace the high power tri-proof fluorescent lamps working in a showroom, supermarket, public place, factory, school, warehouse, etc.

Jackson Wrap Fixture

Our Jackson Wrap Fixture is available in both 2FT and 4FT options. This fixture can be used as a chain linked pendant or surface mounted. Easily linkable making it ideal for offices, retail, and residential applications.

LED Integrated Box Fixture

Our LED Integrated box fixtures are perfect for walls or ceilings in corridors, stairwells, and bathrooms. These dimmers allows for 3 -step down dimming from required light level to off. Emergency Back-up Available.

LED Wrap Fixture

The traditional wrap fixtures are ideal for surface mounting. With a low profile design providing energy efficient lighting ideal for offices, conference rooms, and other commercial applications. Emergency Back-up Available.