Carlton LED Profile

Our Carlton LED Profile is an easy 2 step fixture. Step 1, choose your strip. Step 2 choose your housing. This are a smart energy saving solution for offices, lobbies, residential and retail locations.

LED Barbey Strip

Our LED Barbey Strip is an easy to install stick on strip. Available in six different housing options to fit any cove or hallway. It's IP65 rating makes this fixture well versed to fit any aesthetics.

LED Seeley T-Bar Light

Our LED Seeley T-Bar Light is a uniquely designed panel for commercial lighting. A perfect statement piece in any office, retail, lobby, or commercial application. Available in 40W or 55W with 3K-5K CCT. Equipped with a 0-10V dimming option.

Infinite Magnetic Track

Our Infinite Magnetic Track is a complex system that allows you to input a track into the wall or ceiling. With a wide array of options you can create an endless linear, track lights, cover inserts, etc. Checkout a list of our extensive pieces you can use to create your own track fixture!

Direct Ribbon Light

Our Direct Ribbon Light extends up to 164 ft with no driver. It is cut-table every 4 inches allowing you an array of lengths to choose from. Our Direct Ribbon Light is perfect for coves, accent lighting, under cabinet, back lighting and toe kicks.


Our LED Fabric Shade Fixture is perfect for Residential locations, offices, hallways, and lobbies. This fixture can be flush mounted and easily installed. Bulbs are included. Additional options: 0-10V dimming.


Geolight fixtures are a great decorative companion to our linear LED products. A variety of shapes, sizes and combinations of squares provide 12 different appearances.

LED Strip & Aluminum Housing

RGBW and RGBA LED Strip & Aluminum Housing's are DMX controlled using either 4-in-1 LEDs for excellent color mixing or 3-in-1 RGB LEDs plus white or amber for a brighter or more pastel color. Use with i-Luminosity channel profiles AS6, AT4 or AT5 to create an excellent fixture with no color refraction.