Where are Fluorescent’s 28 Years Later?

In 2018 we are still using 2 types of lighting; Incandescents and LED’s. Incandescents have had a strong run however, most incandescent fixtures will be phased out for using too much energy. A study done by consumer reports describe a standard 40-60 watt fluorescent fixture will be phased out to a light-emitting diode(LED) fixtures. LED fixtures use 75-80% less energy and can save you $60-$125 dollars per fixture in energy cost over their life. Their findings show that LED lighting is ahead of earlier versions. Many times LED fixtures can save $170 over its lifetime compare to their incandescent competitors.


Here are some advantages of choosing an LED fixture. LEDs are made with lenses, not glass, and are much more resistant to breakage. LED fixtures are more energy efficient than incandescent. An LED fixtures lifespan is 50,000 hours, uses 6 watts, and the least amount of kilowatts of electricity(228 KWh per year). LED technology is evolving rapidly, their price is decreasing while efficiency is increasing. Incandescent lifespan is the lowest of lasting only 6,000 hours.

What’s the Difference between Direct and Indirect Lighting?

Indirect Lighting

Indirect lighting is perfect for open spaces; Retail, Offices, Hallways, Airports, Cafeterias, Gyms, Hospitals, Schools
Indirect light offers higher visual comfort levels
Gives a soft, pleasant glow to the space
Better quality of light provides the illusion of more light
Increases perceived spaciousness, getting rid of “cave-like” environments
Provides the feeling of natural lighting when daylight is lacking

Direct Lighting

Direct lighting is perfect for closed spaces; Retail, Offices, Hallways, Airports, Cafeterias, Gyms, Hospitals, Schools
Direct lighting provides a strong illumination towards a specific task or area
Can create a vivid environment with attractive light and shadow patterns eg. on wall surfaces
The light source illuminates below the horizon surface of the fixture
Also suited for zonal or accent lighting

New Product Launch - LED Linear High Bay

Minimalism style, simple and elegant
Wattages 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W
140 LM/W
Light Distributions: 30/ 60/ 90/ 120/ shelf beam 20 degrees