Traditional Wallpack

i-Luminosity's LED Traditional Wall Pack comes in a black finish and is suitable for outdoor locations. Wattage options range from 45W-135W with color options 3000K, 4000K or 5000K. This wallpack can be equipped with emergency backup.  

LED Wallpack With Integrated Sensor

i-Luminosity's LED Wallpack comes with a built-in, integrated sensor, autonomously controlling when the light turns on and off. This wallpack comes in white or black and is suitable for outdoor locations. Additionally, this product has an array of wattage and color options.


Our Straight Steel Pole created from the highest grade structural steel cast iron. With a choice between 2 shaft strengths, minimum yield of 46,000PSI or 55,000 PSI. With a polyester power coat finish to ensure maximum paint adhesion. Wall thickness available in gauge 11 (.120") or gauge 7(.180)