Murray Sarway

Murray is the CEO of Solarelectricway. Coming from a sales background, Murray started Solarelectricway over 10 years ago. This past year we transitioned from Solarelectricway to i-Luminosity. He enjoys building relationship with his customers and is hands on with every project we work on.

Pete Marotta

Pete joins our company with over 34 years of professional experience.
Pete has been at the fore front of LED design and implementation. He created his first 100% LED lit store back in 2008. The store was so successful, Pete was presented with an award from the California state Legislature.
His designs saved Grocery Outlet Independent Owner/Operators over $3.5 Million a year in power costs, while maintenance costs were well below the industry average. Pete designed over 300 retail stores of all sizes. Pete has background in Refrigeration, retail store development, and operations. Pete is a member of NASRC (North American Sustainable Refrigerants Council). Pete designed and built several Green Chill buildings and pioneered natural refrigerants at Grocery Outlet.
Pete believes that store profits begin with proper design. This includes using efficient and attractive lighting.
Pete’s grown up in the supermarket business and has been working on store planning, refrigeration and energy efficiency all his life. From building shopping centers to washing refrigerated display cases and hanging light fixtures, Pete has learned the business from the bottom up.

Mike Aryeh

Mike is our lead Director of Sales. He is responsible for managing new and existing clients. Contact Mike if you have any questions about our product offerings. He is the first one in the office everyday and the last one out. He is eager for your business and will give you the i-Luminosity special treatment you deserve.