Murray Sarway

Murray is the CEO of Solarelectricway. Coming from a sales background, Murray started Solarelectricway over 10 years ago. This past year we transitioned from Solarelectricway to i-Luminosity. He enjoys building relationship with his customers and is hands on with every project we work on.

Avraham Aryeh

Avraham is our Operations Director. He handles all of our shipping and receiving orders. If you have any questions on an order, he’s your guy! Avraham is also responsible for the finances. Avraham loves soccer, despises the media, and is always eating.

Lauren Piluso

Lauren is our Sales Director. A graduate from Canisius College with a Bachelors in Marketing. Lauren is responsible for our customer relations and account management. Contact Lauren if you have any questions on a new or existing project or to hear about what i-Luminosity has to offer. She prides herself in new business ventures and is always dressed to impress.

Mike Aryeh

Mike is our lead Sales Executive. He is responsible for managing new and existing clients. Contact Mike if you have any questions about our product offerings. He is the first one in the office everyday and the last one out. He is eager for your business and will give you the i-Luminosity special treatment you deserve.

Jeff Perla

Jeff is our Creative Director. A graduate from Niagara University with an MBA in Social Media Marketing. Jeff is responsible for our social media campaigns, email, catalog, website, and promotions. He prides himself in watching a business grow. When Jeff isn’t on his phone he enjoys traveling and is out almost everyday of the week.