Edge Lit Recessed Exit Sign

SWWCLESDA's ultra-clear acrylic paneling exit sign is recessed allowing all components to be hidden in the ceiling (standard white aluminum housing allows the housing plate to blend in with most ceilings). This unit is designed for drop ceiling applications where access can be made from the top.


Simply Clean series of recessed fixtures are designed to be harmonious with the physical space of a room. These extrusions can be installed into any size new or existing drywall/gypsum walls and ceilings. Wattages range from 3 W/ft to 12 W/ft (9.8 W/m to 39.4 W/m) and is available in white, static colors, Variable White, RGB, RGBW, RGBA, and Warm


Simply Clean series of recessed fixtures are designed to be harmonious with the physical space of a room.  Without any joist modification, these extrusions can be installed into new or existing 3/8” drywall/gypsum walls and ceilings.

Customizable Backlyte

Perfect for back lighting advertisements or translucent panels like onyx, stone and resin panels, our Customizable BackLytes can be cut into virtually any shape. They’re lightweight with even light spread and fully customizable. Starting with a 4x8 sheet of PMMA acrylic, we cut your custom shape on a CNC-controlled machine, then embed our LEDs directly into the perimeter of the

Shapeshifter Neonlyte

Like neon, but better! bendable, flexible, waterproof and available in nearly any color, including colored housings for decorative visibility even when off. Designed to brave the elements, the IP67 product is UV resistant and built to be used in façade lighting and lettering.

LED Slim Mini Panels

Our round or square LED slim mini panels are easily recessed with available options in 10, 12, 15, or 18W. They come in black or white with a slim 10MM thickness. These panels have 360 degree rotation, heat dissipation at the top, and can be adjusted from 3-4".

Optical Design Linear Light

Solarelectricway LED Series SWWSL9070 is the latest new led linear system. It is divided to 2 parts- the aluminum trunking rail and the linear lighting module. The Optical design linear light is easy to install and maintain. It is pre-mounted with 5 wires, with 0-10V dimming system, and can work at a continuous run 3600W at 277VAC. It is widely

Slim Linear LED Fixture

Solarelectricway's slim linear LED fixture is made of extrusion aluminum-6063, with a frosted diffuser. Easy installation whether surface mounted or suspended. Dimmable and non-dimmable options available. Ideal for offices, conference rooms, retail spaces, showrooms, reception areas, and cabinets.

Float Square Panel Fixture

The 6063 aluminum creates an excellent cooling effect, low-power LEDs with large chip, and the LEDs work in low temperatures. Our diffuser plate has a silk-screen transparent plate, with a strong three-dimensional sense. 0-10V dimming non-flicker power supply, with a surface installed aluminum housing, good heat dissipation, and convenient installation. The reflective sheet is high stability, creating a high lighting

Bathroom Vanity Bar LED Lamp

SolarElectricway LED Vanity Bathroom Bar is available in a Brushed Nickel finish. Uses 35 Watts of power a 250 Watt Replacement. 5.5 inch Hight x 4.1 inch width x 48.5 inch depth.

Canopy Cage Wall Sconce

This stunning Antique Matte Black Cage wall fixture features a canopy with a cage for a historic look. Its design is inspired by lighting from the times of the Industrial Revolution. With both beauty and an exclusive sense of style, it's the perfect choice for a home, bar or restaurant.

Classic Brass Canopy Wall Sconce

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with the Antique Canopy fixture. Its black canopy with an exposed bulb gives it a beautiful antique look and feel. It is the perfect complement to any vintage or contemporary décor.

Vintage Matte Cage Wall Sconce

Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your setting with the Antique Matte Black Cage Wall Fixture. This light is a perfect addition to residential and commercial spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, restaurants, bars and more!

Open Cage Canopy Wall Sconce

The Antique Open Cage Wall Fixture creates a vintage feel in any setting. Its open cage design with the bulb in the middle produces a beautiful light. Ideal for any space you wish to add an elegant vintage feel including living rooms, kitchens, restaurants and bars.

2 Matte Wall Cage Sconce

The 2 Wall Cage Fixture is inspired by antique lighting from the times of the Industrial Revolution. It features a clean artistic design with a black matte finish that blends with many color schemes. A perfect addition to any space including living rooms, kitchens, restaurants and more!

Up & Down Nickel Sconce

This beautiful wall mounted LED Wall Sconce outdoor fixture combines modern technology with a vintage look to add a unique touch to your home or business’ design while satisfying your lighting needs.

LED Linear 2×2 and 2×4

These LED high bays is a brand new replacement solution for fluorescent linear high bays in retail locations and any other commercial and industrial applications.